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01. Sally Shapiro: Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon
02. Pet Shop Boys: Being Boring
03. Moby: My Weakness
04. Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
05. Underworld: Please Help Me
06: Nine Inch Nails: The Frail (Benelli Version)
07. Annie: Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)
08. Daft Punk: Beyond (Darkside Remix)
09. Röyksopp: The Fear
10. David Bowie: Slip Away
11. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
12. R.E.M.: Leave (New Version)
13. Underworld: Most 'Ospitable
14: Vangelis: Tears In Rain
15. Graeme Revell: Return To The Grave
16. Radiohead: How To Disappear Completely

Time: 79:27